Information kiosks


Well-designed self service terminals

Our Swedish partner has developed a variety of information kiosks serving as end user terminals for the WagnerGUIDE system. Our information kiosks are self service terminals that can be placed in any public building, such as libraries, hospitals, museums or shopping malls, allowing visitors to retrieve on-site information.

Two basic types of kiosks are available. InfoBORD is a “lightweight” version consisting of a touch screen monitor mounted on a foot. This type of information kiosk is well-suited for libraries and hospitals, where users are under surveillance of the staff. Our more rugged versions feature a solid metal cover, protecting them from corrosion, tampering and vandalism. Our top models come with a seamless aluminium or stainless steel cover. Due to the embedded computer systems, our information kiosks are intended for indoor use only.

Touch screen access

The most popular form of self-service terminal is a touch screen, enabling easy access to on-site information and maps of the building or complex, including our most popular guidance system, WagnerGUIDE.

Branding and custom design

All standard models can be branded with your organization’s logo and colours. We also offer custom designs made to your specifications. Please find a number of illustrations and photos below.

If you want to learn more about our information kiosks and custom designs, please get in touch with Carsten Dibbern at +45 4084 7900.

"InfoBORD" information kiosk with touchscreen

“InfoBORD” information kiosk with touchscreen

Touch screen information columns in use at Kungsmässan (Kungsbacka; left) and Skärholmen (Stockholm; right) shopping centers.

Touch screen information kiosks in use at Kungsmässan (Kungsbacka; left) and Skärholmen (Stockholm; right) shopping centers.