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    Carsten Dibbern

    About Carsten Dibbern

    Dibbern Software is owned and managed by Carsten Dibbern. Carsten has more than 30 years of experience from the library and software industries. Carsten is a certified librarian and has worked in sales, project management and service management for 22 years, where he held positions as Account Manager and Service Delivery Manager in companies like DDE and Fujitsu.

    Dibbern Software was started up in October 2010 with the mission to improve public institutions’ service level and accessibility.

  • Testimonial

    Dibbern Software

    About Dibbern Software

    DIBBERN Software is an IT consultancy that specialises in guidance systems for libraries, hospitals, shopping centres and other public buildings with large numbers of visitors.

    Our computer-based products are designed to make it easier and faster for your visitors to find their way within the building or institution. We guide your visitors by way of interactive maps and on-site information provided on touch screen monitors as well as via traditional signage.

    With self-helping visitors, the institution’s employees have more time to focus on their main tasks.

    How we work

    We analyze your current guiding challenges and opportunities and create a well-designed guidance and information system tailored to your institution, based on pedagogic principles and the demands of your visitors.