Membership Cards

Library and access cards

Multipurpose cards

Many department stores, retailers and service organisations issue plastic cards as membership cards to their customers. These cards can be used for identification, loaning, discounts and payments. Furthermore, plastic cards are often used as IDs for the staff, granting access to office areas and other facilities in the building.

We can supply you with Scandinavia’s cheapest plastic cards in an unmatched quality and speed. We can usually deliver within five to ten working days. Our supplier produces plastic cards in credit card format with optional colour print, magnet stripes, electronic chips (e.g. Em4102, Mifare S50, Desfire), signature panel, barcode and other features.

Colour print

All card models can be printed in full colour to your design specifications from a minimum edition of 100 cards upwards. In a second step, individual member data such as name, photo, membership number, barcode etc. can be applied in print and encoded in the magnet stripe and/or chip.


We can personalize the cards with your members’ personal data. Whether you continuously add members to your organisation or need larger batches in conjunction with annual renewals – our customer service will assist you in all matters. We’ll print the member’s name and data on the card, we’ll mount the card on an accompanying letter, put it in an envelope and send it off by mail.

Maybe all you need are plastic calling cards with your company’s address and phone number on them? They look good, they’re waterproof – and we’re more than happy to deliver. Please get in touch with Carsten Dibbern at +45 4084 7900.

Plastic cards in credit card format with chips, magnetic stripes, barcodes

Plastic cards are available in many colours and with chips, magnetic stripes, barcodes etc.